Concrete beam and column cross-section analysis. Metric or inch-pound units. Any shape: input X,Y per corner or bar. Any materials: input a sequence of stress/strain coordinates for each. Any loading; biaxial or not. Includes facilities for reinforced concrete, prestressing and composite construction.

An Apple Mac implementation is on the Apple Mac App Store. Search on “xsec” to find it.

A Microsoft Windows implementation is on the Microsoft Store. Search “xsec” to find it.

An Apple iPhone and Apple iPad implementation is on the Apple App Store. Search on “xsec” to find it.

An Android phone implementation is on the Google Play store under the name “Cross-section analysis of reinforced concrete”.

The enterprising design professional can take full advantage of their knowledge of the materials:

  • to design innovative concrete members,
  • to assess the remaining strength in irregular shaped surviving parts of deteriorated or damaged members.

It uses an innovative beam and column cross-section analysis algorithm that is very universal. There are no curbs on the input to ensure it is within the realm of established technology. The full universal nature is available.

The algorithm is described by Thompson, P. J., Discussion of “Ultimate Strength Domain of Reinforced Concrete Sections under Biaxial Bending and Axial Load”, ACI Structural Journal, Nov-Dec 2013, pp 1109-1112.

There are established methods for a variety of cross-section shapes: rectangular, circular and Tee are examples. Also the established methods use a variety of shapes for the stress/strain relationship of concrete: the rectangular stress block, the parabolic stress block, linear, cracked linear are examples.

Wth most of the established methods, if the input to the application is the same as that input to the established method then the results from the application will be the same as those from the established method. Many of the worked examples were taken from previously published articles and illustrate this point.

The User Guide is in three volumes:   General that applies to the application on any device,  Mac & PC that is specific to the application on Apple MacOS or Microsoft Windows and Android phone, iPhone & iPad that is specific to the application on an Android phone or an Apple iPhone or iPad.

A number of worked examples are available.

A warning:

The user of this application needs to be aware of the limitations of the established design methods and aware that this application does not have those limitations.

Privacy Policy

The only information this application can collect is the cross-section descriptions input by the user. This is the only information about the user the application collects in as far as those cross-section descriptions are information about the user.

This application has no ability to transmit information outside the device running the application other than through the standard file save facilities on the device and then only when those facilities are invoked by the user.

Beam and column cross-section analysis of "L" shape

“L” shaped column