Time affect sets

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Time affect sets

At a glance: Time affect sets on an Android phone or an iPhone are described here. The General – Time affect sets section describes aspects of the Time affect sets edit facilities that are common to all the hardware platforms.

The main Time affect sets tab

Time affect sets names are listed on the Time affect sets tab; one of the main tabs described in the Android phone & iPhone – Introduction under Lists of Entities.

The Time affect set edit facilities are Entity edit facilities as described in the Android phone & iPhone – Introduction. Here is an elaboration on that description.

Button – “Zero all other distortions” on this Time affect sets tab makes all the Other Distortion values of all the component zero.

Time affect set edit facility

At the top of the Time affect set edit display is a label “Creep load =” and the name of a load case. A tap on this name will reveal a list of the names of the Load cases that have been described and also “No affect”. Any one of these alternatives can be selected. The time affect set can not be applied unless the selected load case has a valid result. The selection “No affect” means that no creep will be included in the application of the set. It also means that there is no need for a load case to have a valid result when the set is applied.

Under that is a label “Component =” and the name of a component. A tap on the component name will reveal a list of all the components. Any component can be selected so that its creep coefficient and shrinkage value can be edited.

Under that is:

  • Creep coefficient =” label and a number being the creep coefficient.
  • Shrinkage =” label and a number being the shrinkage value.

Shrinkage represented here by a positive value is a slight decease in a dimension of the component. When the set is applied it is a negative contribution to the axial strain in the “other” distortion of the component.

Also when the set is applied the creep contribution to the “other” distortion of the component is the stress distortion of the component in the nominated load case multiplied by the creep coefficient.

Button – “Apply this set” in the lower part of this display causes the shrinkage and creep contributions in all the components. However, if the creep load is not “No affect” and the nominated load case does not have a valid result no contributions are made and an error dialog appears.

Button – “Write set to a text file” near the bottom on this display will cause a description of the Time affect set to be written to a text file as described in Android phone & iphone –  Files, Text Files.